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Can I receive or offer only one Daringbox?

Yes you can! Sign up for the bimonthly subscription and unsubscribe whenever you want. If you only want one couple box (that would make us very sad) unsubscribe after the first debit that occurs at the beginning of each delivery month.


How can I unsubscribe quickly?

If you want to unsubscribe or suspend your subscription (What a shame! We will miss you), you only need to login to your client account and select the option desired in the tab “My subscription”.

Is there any hidden fee?

Rest assured, we would never lie to you. We are very transparent and all the fees are included in your subscription. We even offer the P&P! What else?


We bought 3 or 6 boxes… and then what?

Once you have received your 3 or 6 erotic couple box, the subscription is not renewed automatically. When the completion date is close, we will send you an email to offer you to continue the adventure with us and sign up again for a subscription.


When will I receive my DaringBox… ?

a) …If I signed up for a subscription

If you signed up before the 5th of a delivery month (February, April, June, August and so on), you will receive your couple gift box between the 10th and the 20th of the same month. In February, we do things a bit differently and we send the box over a few days earlier just to be sure that you will be able to share and discover our surprises with your lover during the most romantic day of the year: V Day on the 14th of February.


After the 5th, you can still order till the end of the month but unfortunately we wont be able to guarantee a delivery between the 10th and the 20th. It takes usually 3 to 6 workdays to ship the DaringBox over from France.


b)... If I bought an item from the DaringShop

It takes us 3 to 8 workdays to deliver to you your purchase from the Daringshop. Be patient, the discovery will be even yummier!


Do you ship the DaringBox to other countries?

Our sensual gift box (and all of our “ooh la la” products of the DaringShop) is also available in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.


Can we track down the delivery of our box?

To deliver your kinky surprises we use the help of the haulier IMX. You cantrack down your package by sending your request out to our customer service at the email address:

The items from the shop are sent via Colissimo International. You can also track down their delivery by sending a request to our customer service (


How can I take advantage of a free shipping on the shop?

For all orders over £60 we will offer you the delivery to the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg (delivery by Colissimo International).


What will I receive in my DaringBox ?

To maintain the excitement and the surprise the content of your DaringBoxis kept secret until the delivery.You will receive multiple surprises including products, objects, delicacies and tips for your couple.


Is it possible to receive a previous DaringBox ?

We are truly sorry but no, we can only deliver the box corresponding to your subscription dates. You wouldn’t want to miss out the excitement of the discovery anyway!


What if I receive my DaringBox incomplete or in a bad shape?

Do not fear, we are going to help you out! Just drop us an email at pointing out your problem (a picture could help). In order to make our exchange easier, please use the same email address you indicated during your subscription.


I signed up for a bimonthly subscription, when would my payment be taken?

If you signed up for a bimonthly subscription (every two months), your payment will be taken between the 1st and the 5th of the delivery months (April, June, August, October, December) except for January where the debit happens between the 25th and the 28th to guarantee a delivery before Valentine’s Day (14th of February).


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