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    Meet our partners

  • Adrien Lastic

    To meet the increasing demand of colorful, and playful kinky accesssories, Adrien Lastic’s brand launches a collection of toys made out of high-end material and sharp designs.

    Discover AdrienLastic’s universe on

  • Aix & Terra

    Aix&Terra developed an exclusive range of  handmade products.. Every recipe tells a story and offers surprising and subtle taste discoveries. DaringBox is eager to introduce you to the typical French products from Provence, a delightful, colourful, and shiny region.

    Meet all Aix&Terra flavours on :

  • Au paradis du thé

    Awaken your senses through a wide range of original tea flavors(pineapple-carrot, grilled apple, ...) that will take you to the Paradise of tea (#Wink).

    Our favourite is the China’s Sencha Tea. one cup is enough to make you forget the world around you and take you far far away


    Discover tea in a new dimension on

  • Belberry

    Discover the original handmade marmalade recipes of the Master Jam-Maker Belberry. They are kept secret like treasures. For more than a century, Belberry has been creating and offering a wide range of flavorsthat will take you away at every breakfast.

    Discover all the Belberry marmalades on:

  • Bernard Forever

    For those of you who haven’t made up their mind about being inked or not, Bernard Forever found the solution: beautifully designed and original ephemeral tattoos. They last from two to four days...until you choose to use another one!

    You can find all the tattoos and more at

  • Besired

    Noble materials, sensual cuts, and high-end details.. Besired lingerie has all the qualities to enhance your feminine curves!  Besired is unique and DaringBox has a crush on it.

    Fall for Besired here

  • Big Teaze Toys

    Creator of the famous vibrating duck, Big Teaze Toys conceives its sextoys with one goal in mind: introduce softly their consumers to intimate pleasures.

    All toys are adorable and looking only for one thing: getting adopted!


    So go find your new “puppy” at

  • Bijoux en Vogue

    Bijoux en Vogue hand-picked for you a wide range of products: from costume jewellery to gold.  This brand will be your perfect ally no matter the occasion and will satisfy all your desires.

    Find them at

  • Bijoux Indiscrets

    According to Bijoux Indiscrets, the very essence of eroticism lies on the power of suggestion and imagination. Won over by this  way of thinking, DaringBox wanted you to discover this brand.

    Sensual, sexy and fun, at Bijoux Indiscrets, everything is designed to awaken all of your senses, stimulate your imagination and create passion.

    Discover them at

  • Cocktail Me

    Cocktail Me is THE organic cocktail,100 % natural and “Made in France”.

    Mojito, Daiquiri, or alcoholic beverages, your choice! Attracted by its environmental values and its festive quality beverages, DaringBox provides you with a moment of freshness thanks to Cocktail me.

    Let yourself be seduced by

  • Côté Maison

    With a wide range of design and trendy products, CôtéMaison is unavoidable when you are looking for decoration. Off-the-wall, modern, original and always harmonious...these products had to be in the DaringBox.

    You will enjoy looking at

  • DayUse

    To have a break during the day, or enjoy a moment together for a couple of houres, DaringBox joins DayUse hotels. Discretion is a core value of this hotel line and it offers lovers a discreet and romantic hideaway, according to their desires.

    Choose your favourite on

  • Fabliot

    Fabliot makes ties and bow ties made 100% out of silk and colourful patterns! DaringBox loves these gentlemen products with impeccable details.

    Be chic and original with Fabliot!

    Discover their range on

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    The official range of erotic toys under “Fifty Shades of Grey” license has come.

    Constantly looking for the latest trends, we have totally succumbed to the charm of this flagship brand. Their products match exactly the ones Anastasia and Christian Grey used in the book.

    If you want to experience a 50 shades life, it is now possible! 

  • Happy Lola

    Happy Lola is a brand of cheeky and high-quality items coming straight from Spain.

    Daring Box loves its well-thought packaging and very funny stories! The brand is embodied by Lola, a character full of charisma who tells us her autobiographic anecdotes to which we can relate.

    Find all their products out on:

  • Lothantique

    It is above all a family affair that cherishes know-how, manners, and the environment. Lothantique manufactures soaps and eau de toilette since 1920. The key to their business? The know-how of their French craftsmen.

    Discover them at

  • Love Cuisine

    Love Cuisine was created by the inspiration of a Lovely French Lady, Olivia Muhlke. Thanks to the magic of flavours,  Love Cuisine concocts love elixirs and creates a striking and aphrodisiac discovery.

    Find your love elixir out at

  • Love to Love

    “Sex, fun &Rock’n’Roll” was the inspiration to the creation of the brand Love to Love. Their products combine sharp designs and pop culture.

    DaringBox presents to you sextoys and erotic cosmetics invented by avant-gardists just for you.

    Discover the range at

  • Maison Close

    Maison Close revisits in a contemporary way the master pieces of the erotic cloakroom.  Kinky accessories and unrivalled lingerie are handcrafted with care.

    Maison Close takes pride in its commitment to a peculiar French style of love games in which gallantry and naughty pleasures combine.

    They brilliantly reached the “erotic chic” by understanding every facet of a woman.

    Discover them at

  • Malfroy Million

    Silk designer and manufacturer for over 3 generations since 1939; Malfroy Million creates collections of innovative fabrics for a large number of ready-to-wear brands and Haute Couture houses.

    Using only noble materials, Malfroy Million is working on the premium market in France and abroad.

    The French know-how of this brand from Lyon attracted us.

    Discover their universe at

  • Marc Dorcel

    With over 30 years of experience Dorcel is the leading brand in the naughty premium sector. DarlingBox joins Dorcel to offer you the best erotic and sexy accessory items. With ever more sensual products, learn to rediscover your body ...

    Here is their official store:

  • Mixgliss

    MixGliss is a range of natural and modern lubricants which offer a new approach of intimate care. DaringBox was seduced by these products associating innovation and purity. They are targeting couples who seek harmony between their bodies and their envies.

    Find them at

  • Monbana

    French chocolatier since 1934, Monbana is one of the most creative chocolate factory of the sector. Enhancing pleasure of every gourmand instant, Monbana offers chocolate to drink, to taste, to spread...for delicious sensations.

    Discover them on

  • Rasoir Club

    Because we don’t want you to spend a fortune for a high-end razor, DaringBox presents to you RasoirClub : a website offering simple solution for ruthless morning war against hairs !

    Discover the box of shavers for men and women at

  • Rocks-Off

    Rocks Off is the number one brand of sextoys in United Kingdom. It stands out from competition through unique designs and quality materials. Waterproof and safe products are offered by Rocks Off, who won several awards since 2006.

    Discover them at

  • Sève

    Master chocolatier and pastry chefs SEVE will delight your taste buds with their gourmand and aesthetic creations. The choice of quality cocoa beans and the unique expertise of these tasteful lovers make the success of this small business quality.

    Find them on

  • Tenga

    DaringBox wants to spoil the gentlemen. To do so, we dug up a brand especially dedicated to them. Tenga revolutionises the market of sex toys and transforms masturbation into an amazing experience. Discover new sensations right now!

    You simply have to go on

  • The Screaming O

    The Screaming O is an adult toys brands from the US.

    It is an award-winning company and it offers off-the-wall and innovative products. They have created a collection of easy-to-use and fun-to-try items; products that are specifically conceived and designed for couples!

    Discover all their collections here:

  • Une autre paire de manches

    Une autre paire de manches is an e-shop specialised in cufflinks, with a wide selection of nearly 700 quality items.

    Like DaringBox, their objective is to spice your everyday life up, and especially your appearance with cufflinks. With this collection, elegance advances at your sleeves, and allows you to stand out in society!

    Discover the wide range of Une Autre paire de manches on

  • VaïVaï

    VaïVaï promises 100% natural products and naturally low in sugar. VaïVaï reinvents the universe of beverages with good humour!

    The brand commits in proposing products chosen for their quality, and works with specialised producers from all around the world : Indonesia, Philippines, India, Japan, France, Italy...

  • Woman Essentials

    Woman Essentials is the first cosmetics range that offers a specific care for intimate life of women with hygiene and beauty essentials. Made out of natural and precious ingredients, all products are tested by gynaecologists, and submitted to tolerance protocols.

    DaringBox makes you discover these products made in France that will help you see well-being and intimate beauty with hedonism.  

    You will find Woman Essentials at

  • YesForLov

    YesForLov is a brand dedicated exclusively to pleasure and made entirely in France.

    She has naturally found its place in the first DaringBox.

    Sensual and naughty, the products provide new sensations whose quality is one of the brand's priorities.

    The skin becomes the source of pleasure with YesForLov products and we love that!

    Naughty games, care, accessories, lotions ... YesForLov provides everything to have fun and spice your intimacy up.

    Discover YesForLov at


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